The university degrees with the highest (and lowest) unemployment rates

Some folks have been questioning the value of a university degree lately. Particularly an undergrad. After all, if everyone has one, and they really do crank those things out, then what's it worth?

 Here are the degrees that pay off - and those that don't >>

Why everyone needs to get fired every now and then

In the last Network News, we talked about the warning signs that you're going to lose your job. Well, sometimes being let go can actually be the best thing that could happen to your career.

Here's why  >>

Now hiring thin women only

Are gender or weight discrimination ever justified if they can help a company to improve the bottom line? The new hiring policy of one discount airline indicates that they think so.

What do you think? >>

Career advice from people with cool jobs

Want to get closer to your dream job? Join Workopolis, TIFF's Jennifer Knox, and Raj Patel of Xbox Canada for a live Twitter Q&A. Learn to make the most of your resume, grow the job you're in, or get your foot in the door.

Join the conversation - #WorkopolisChat Live Twitter Q&A July 30th 12:00pm ET >>

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