Essentials for landing a new job in 2013

Many people see January as the right time to make a fresh start and to change or improve their careers. Here are the basic ingredients for a successful job search campaign this year.

 The four basic ingredients for getting hired? >>

The bad side of looking good

Woman fired after 10 years of service for being 'irresistibly attractive' to her boss and therefore becoming a threat to his marriage - even though the attraction wasn't mutual.

What did the courts have to say? >>

How 'follow your passion' can be terrible career advice

If you're one of the lucky few who have a passion that paves the way to an industry or career choice with plenty of great jobs, then following your passion makes sense.

But what about the rest of us? >>

A female baby bonus?

A new study has just come out that ties a male CEO's new baby to your salary. Apparently the gender of the big boss's newborn can have a measurable impact on your paycheque.

Why you should hope he doesn't have a boy >>

The five most read career stories of 2012

- Six surprisingly high paying jobs
- The ten highest (and ten lowest) paying jobs in Canada
- Why nobody wants to hire you
- The biggest mistake on a resume (and how to create a masterpiece)
- 10 degrees that earn high starting salaries (and 10 that won't get you hired at all)

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