To whom it may concern: No one is reading your cover letter

To whom it may concern, your cover letter probably isn't being read. Especially if you're starting it with "To whom it may concern." Here's how to create one that actually gets the attention of recruiters.

 Three tactics that work >>

How to find a new job while you are already employed

Last week we wrote about how the best time to quit your job is when you've already lined up your next one. Many people wrote in and asked us for some tips on how best to do that.

Covert job hunting strategies >>

The most useless phrases in your resume

A new survey of senior managers reveals the exact same overused expressions that they see over and over again on hundreds of resumes for every job they recruit for.

The phrases that make you instantly forgettable >>

Not a mind reader? Blame your testosterone

We've all heard the term "women's intuition" of course, but is it real, or just a myth? Do women actually have an extra gift for reading what other people are thinking?

New research has the answers >>

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