Job interview secret: Timing matters

Want your next interview to lead to a job offer? A new study shows that even similarly-qualified candidates are not judged equally depending on when they have their interviews.

 The best time to schedule a job interview? >>

Twenty hot fields with low unemployment and increasing salaries

The relatively flat national unemployment rate is masking numerous key areas of growth where candidates are in demand and the competition for talent is driving up offers of higher pay and benefits.

Here are the hottest fields to be in >>

Antisocial networking: How to get unfollowed, unfriended and lose influence

From whining about the weather to photographing your food, a closer look at the most annoying social networking behaviours that can cost you your online friends and followers.

The biggest causes of 'unfriending'? >>

So, are you seeing anyone? The worst questions candidates have asked in job interviews

From asking out the interviewer to inquiring about 'nap time,' a survey of HR managers reveals some mind boggling examples of bad questions that candidates have asked in interviews.

Here's what not to ask >>

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