Who gets hired: Why employers select one candidate over another

Hiring managers were recently asked - if they were considering two candidates with the exact same credentials, what would most influence them to choose one candidate over the other?

 Here's what they said >>

The real reason you didn't get the job?

How confident are you in what your references actually say about you when they speak to potential employers? You'd better be sure before handing them over.

[VIDEO] Watch what happens when a candidate doesn't >>

An introduction to using social media as a powerful job search tool

What you post and how you appear on your social networking sites can make or break your chances of landing the job. Make sure your online profiles are powerful career assets (and not liabilities.)

Here are four basic ways to get started >>

Canadian salary increases coming for 2014

According to a new employer survey, Canadian workers should see their paycheques growing next year. However the increases won't be spread evenly across all regions and industries.

Here's where the money is expected to be >>

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