How to get more employers to actually read your resume

For your resume to impress an employer and land you a job interview, it first has to be read by an actual human being. But with modern recruitment software and filters, there's a good chance that it will never even be seen at all.

 Here's the key to getting past the filters >>

Why you're not getting that promotion

There's one common mistake that even supremely credentialed and qualified people regularly make at work that prevents them from rising to the next level in their careers.

And it's easy enough to fix >>

How 'credential creep' is devaluing your education

Even when hiring for traditional 'non-degree' jobs, more and more employers are now bypassing candidates who haven't at least completed a Bachelor's degree.

Why do you need a BA to serve coffee? >>

Three ways you can lose your job with no compensation whatsoever

Think you're entitled to severance or some sort of compensation if you suddenly lose your job? There are three fairly common circumstances where you're not.

How not to get any sort of a severance package >>

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