What do I do if I forget or want to change my Workopolis account password?

To reset your password please complete the following steps:

How can I join Workopolis using Facebook Connect?

First time Workopolis users can join Workopolis using their Facebook login details in four easy steps:

What is the difference between an account with Facebook Connect and a traditional Workopolis account?

The accounts are identical except that with Facebook Connect you can sign into Workopolis using your Facebook account. It is just a shortcut to creating an account or signing in.

How do I connect my Facebook sign in details to my existing Workopolis account?

Which Internet browsers are supported by Workopolis?

Workopolis is committed to offering all of our customers and users the best possible online experience and is optimized for the following browsers:

How do I set up a Career Alert?

There are two ways to create a Career Alert email.

From the job search results page:

Helpful hint: Before saving the search as a Career Alert, review the results to make sure that you are receiving the types of jobs that you are looking for. If not, refine your job search criteria before saving it.

You can also create a Career Alert from inside your Workopolis Account:

What do I do if my Career Alert is no longer relevant? (Workopolis members)

To modify your existing Career Alerts follow the following steps:

You can then pause your Career Alert or change how often jobs are emailed to you. You can also refine your job search criteria to ensure that you are receiving just the jobs that are right for you.

Our new search technology does not allow for keywords to be separated by search operators such as 'and' or 'or'. If you would like to search by multiple keywords you can filter them using the 'At least one of these words,' 'All of these words' or 'This exact phrase' fields.

You can also create separate Career Alerts for the different keywords that interest you to ensure that you are receive the most relevant job search results possible. If you continue to receive irrelevant results, try using more specific job search criteria. For example if you have 'Human resources' as a keyword in your search, then any job posting which has the words 'Human resources' will be sent to you. Putting the 'Human resources' keyword in the 'exact phrase' field or the 'Job title' field will significantly narrow down your results.

How can I edit or delete a Career Alert or a Saved Search? (Workopolis members)

How do I create Saved Search?

To create Saved Searches:

How can I see what jobs I have applied for?

To review the jobs you have applied for:

How do I create a cover letter on Workopolis?

To create a cover letter:

What can I do if I didn't complete the accompanying questionnaire while applying for a job?

What happens if the job application process takes me off the Workopolis site?

Why do I sometimes see old job postings on Workopolis?

What resume privacy options do I have on Workopolis?

When you upload a resume to your Workopolis account, you have the choice of whether or not you wish to make it visible to employers. There are several different confidentiality settings that you can choose from:

I receive too many results to my job searches, how can I narrow them down?

What is a 'Contact Request'?

How do I edit my salary expectations?

To edit your salary information:

What if I have problems uploading my resume to Workopolis?

How do I search for a job on Workopolis?

How do I protect myself from online fraud or scams?